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Sunshine - Bold & Bright Collection.

Sunshine - Bold & Bright Collection.

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Are you ready to add some sunshine to your wardrobe? Our Sunshine-Bold & Bright Collection is the perfect way to do just that! These playful and bold yellow polymer clay earrings are perfect for brightening up any outfit. Plus, the glossy resin finish adds an extra touch of shine that will make you feel like a ray of sunshine! Whether you're headed to a picnic in the park or just running errands around town, these statement earrings are the perfect accessory to add some fun to your day. They're lightweight and comfortable to wear, so you don't have to worry about feeling weighed down or uncomfortable. So, go ahead and add some bold and bright to your jewelry collection with our Sunshine- Bold & Bright Collection


Hello lovely customer! Thank you for choosing these stunning earrings. The design you see is one-of-a-kind, so you'll be the only one wearing them. Isn't that exciting? I take my time creating each pair of earrings, using my hands to roll the clay, mixing colors to perfectly match the design, and cutting unique shapes from cutters I've collected from all over the world. My inspiration comes from fashion, design, culture, color, experiences, and emotions - all of which I pour into my creations. I want you to feel comfortable and confident wearing these earrings, so I use only surgical steel backings that are lead and nickel-free.

I wanted to share some tips with you about taking care of your new Polymer Clay, Resin, and hand-painted earrings. They are super light and easy to wear, but just like anything delicate, they need some TLC. So, please avoid bending them as it could make them weak or even break. We wouldn't want that, right? Also, I put a layer of protective varnish on the hand-painted earrings to preserve the details. However, with long-term wear, these details could fade over time. Just something to keep in mind. Oh, and one more thing! Each pair of earrings is carefully handmade, which means they are perfectly imperfect. You might notice tiny bumps, fingerprints, or small blemishes

I kindly request that you allow a processing time of 7-10 business days for your order to be carefully packed and shipped, due to the high volume of orders we receive during each restock. Although we make every effort to expedite the process, we have allocated this time to account for any unforeseen delays that may arise. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

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